Request for Jurisdiction

Processing Steps for Examiners and Managers



1)      Managing or senior attorney reviews TRAM as well as evidence provided by examining to confirm that request for jurisdiction is both timely and appropriate.

2)      Managing or senior attorney performs 6082 TRAM transaction on file in order to freeze further processing. This is important!  6082 transaction must be taken immediately to prevent registration or allowance.*

3)      Examining attorney drafts cover memo OUTSIDE of FAST, using form paragraph L65-1new (outside of FAST, form paragraphs are accessed using the “insert file” command, and browsing to the L: drive).  Cover memo is saved to local file (c: or h: drive).

4)      Examining attorney opens a new Office action in FAST and drafts the appropriate letter.  IMPORTANT:  Since the approval transaction has not yet been withdrawn, FAST will show an error message.  The examining attorney must override this error message (select the “ignore” button) in order to draft the action.

5)      After completing the action, examining attorney

a.       Selects “send email (as attachment)” from the main File menu in FAST.

b.      Places serial number in the Subject line.

c.       Selects the paperclip (attachment) button and attaches the cover memo.

d.      Sends to managing attorney.  Please note:  The examining attorney will not attach FAST evidence to this communication.  In the event the managing attorney or the Deputy Commissioner  requires evidence, the examining attorney will be contacted directly.

6)      Managing attorney reviews action & cover memo.

7)      Managing attorney signs cover memo electronically (/s/) and selects “save” (not “save as”).

8)      Managing attorney closes document in Word and forwards message to “TM JURISDICTION REQUEST.”

9)      Upon granting of jurisdiction, file will appear in examining attorney’s Amended docket report;  examining attorney and managing attorney will also be notified via email.

10)  Examining attorney performs 6321 transaction, backing out approval for publication.

11)  Examining attorney goes back to saved office action in FAST and selects “Refresh A16 data” from main “edit” menu.

12)  Examining attorney sends Office action.

* In the event the managing attorney or Deputy Commissioner determines that a jurisdiction request is not appropriate, the managing attorney will email TM PHOTOCOMP and request that the processing of the file be resumed.  If the application is within 20 days of allowance or registration, it cannot be withdrawn from issue.  If the application is ITU, the examining attorney will wait until the Notice of Allowance issues. At this point, jurisdiction reverts to the examining corps.  The examining attorney will then contact the  ITU  Division to have the NOA cancelled, withdraw the approval for publication, and issue an office action.  If the application is 1(a), 44(e), or 66(a), the Inadvertently Issued Registration process must be initiated, and the Deputy Commissioner should be consulted first.