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This will return a list of cases on a particular topic, or cases containing your search term.  Each case listing contains a summary of the case.   I'm trying to link as many case names as I can to the full decision in TTABVUE.   Or. if that isn't available, I will try to link the case name to some other source.   Or I will do nothing - what I do best.

With respect to ex parte cases, those in which the substantive refusal was upheld are shown in black.   Cases which overturned the refusal are shown in red.

Cases display themselves in no particular order.  If the list of cases is long and you're looking for something in particular, you may search for a specific term in this page by hitting the Ctrl+F keys (Command+F on Mac).   Enter the term you want to search in the 'find what' option on the screen.   The 'find next' button will take you to first appearance of that term on the page.

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